Most of you always yearn to take a break from the routine of monotonous life. Yes, you can always do it along with a purpose.
Travel across the world and have fun! You can feel rejuvenated after your trip. Get ready and pack up your bag.
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Hey, just a moment. But where will you go? Several people from all over the Globe travel to festivals to various countries. Do you want to be part of the trip? Just follow this article and know about the top ten festivals happening in different countries. You can also know the duration and importance of the festivals. Choose the best place based on your need and have fun.
1. Sundance Film Festival – USA
Sundance Film Festival
North America’s most famous film festival is celebrated in January for ten days in Utah – USA. For those who love movies in the old fashioned way would love to be part of this festival. For your crazy love to watch powerful and edgy films, Sundance is the perfect place to be.
Sundance Film Festival - USA
Plan your trip to the US during the last week of December and enjoy Christmas and New Year the Famous festivals to visit. Then get ready for all the fun during Mid Jan for Sundance festival.
2. Glastonbury – UK
The England music festival happens for a week every June and more than 1, 50,000 music lovers assemble here.
The notable funny event about this festival is walking in the mud with your rain boots along with your friends.
3. Oktoberfest — Germany
During the Last week of September and first week in October, the Munich city will rain with beers. You can tent hop and drink unlimited beer.
Oktoberfest Beer Festival
You also find a cafe to sip a cup coffee for a change if you wish to. Plan to reach Germany by Mid September and you enjoy one month stay there being a part of Oktoberfest.
4. La Tomatina – Spain
La Tomatina @Spain
You can drench yourself in the tomato rain during every August in Bunol, Valencia. The festival is one day long, and tomatoes are brought in kilos just to have fun. Remember to protect your eyes with goggles. Later have a great bath using hose pipes.
Tomatino Fest
Tomato body wash will make you feel fresh. Try if you can reach Spain by the end of June and take part in the SAN VINO WINE FIGHT and then the whole of July move around to see places. You may get know about such weird Festivals of the world.
5. Rio Carnival – Brazil
Rio Carnival
The four days carnival between 24th and 28th Of Feb that takes place in Rio de Janeiro.
This festival happens before Lent and more than two million people will be seen on the streets to see the colorful costumes, samba music, and massive parades.
6. Ice festival – China
Ice Festival
When you love to witness snow, then you must visit China during Snow festival in Harbin between Jan and Feb. One month long festival that has more than 20 feet high snow ice carved images.
ice fest
Ice fest
Feel cold and chill out to all places in China.
7. Wakakusa Yamayaki – Japan
Wakakusa Yamayaki – Japan
The literal meaning of Wakakusa Yamayaki is the Mountain Roast. The dead grasses on the mountain are burnt on the last week Saturday of January.
Grass burning - Japan festival
It is believed that to drive away the wild boars this tradition began. You can also go to Japan during August to be part of the Cosplay Festival.
8. Holi – India
Holi - India
Holi is the festival that’s all about colors. Celebrated during March in India.
holi fest
Holi is celebrated to welcome the spring season. Celebrate Holi, with the best India Festival travels, come with your own dye to add more color to this event.
9. Carnivale Di Venezia – Italy
Carnivale Di Venezia – Italy
Celebrated during the whole month of Feb in Venice Italy.
Carnivale Di Venezia – Italy
People dress in costumes of the 18th century and move around streets to have fun.
10. Snowbombing – Austria
Snow bombing event is celebrated in Austria during the 1st week of April in Mayrhofen in Austria.
It began as a snow sport, but today it is one of the best music festivals.
Do you want to know one truth? There are more than 50 famous festivals celebrated across places in the world. Remember to plan your trip and stay, then travel to any country. Also, make some efforts to know about the food availability and rock your journey.
Happy Exploring Places.

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