“Heaven is a myth, Nepal is real”
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Such is the impression those scenic and mesmerizing view of Nepal gives you. From mountains, rivers, hills, temples, lovely weather to adventures sports, tracking, and mountaineering, Nepal has something or other for every avid traveler. It is one of the most beautiful countries of the South Asia. This part of the world is the motherland of snow peaks and Sherpas, yaks and yetis, monasteries and mantras, adventure and religion, peace and zest. Visiting Nepal once in a lifetime is on almost everyone’s bucket list.
Reasons to travel Nepal – Well, there are endless reasons to travel to this trivial, yet eye-catching region over the map of the world. Here we have sorted out the most obvious one for you. Have a look and plan your next holidays to Nepal.
Offers you a closer and magnificent look of Himalayas – This reason tops our list. The Himalayas will sway your heart away with its beauty, glory and mesmerizing landscapes, and Nepal is the right place to experience all this.
The cultural curry – Nepal has a rich blend of various cultures and customs. It is the home of more than hundred ethnic groups. While traveling to Nepal, you get an opportunity to have a glimpse of their diversified culture.
Lush Flora and Fauna – If you a nature lover or just want to take a breather from the hustle- bustle of the city life than Nepal is the right place. The lush green landscapes will act as an antidote for you, and you will feel relaxed and calm.
Nepal - flora and fauna
For the adrenal rush – Nepal not only soothes your senses by means of its beauty, but also gives you adrenal rush with its adventurous sports and activities like paragliding, white water rafting, zip-flying, and bungee jumping.
Mountaineering and climbing
Tongue treat – Nepal serves you all the sumptuous delicacies like Dal Bhat, momos, and its traditional and unique dishes. The aroma of the food has all the power to bring out the saliva in traveler’s mouth.
Hassle free and cost-effective travel – The official procedure to visit the Nepal is hassle-free, convenient, less time- consuming and more than anything else highly cost-effective.
How to reach Nepal – This is the first and foremost thing which strikes in your mind while you plan your travel to any place. Nepal is well-connected with other parts of the world by road, rail ad air.
By Air – Kathmandu’s Tribhuvan International Airport at Kathmandu have regular flights across the globe.
Tribhuvan Airport
By Road – Nepal is in reach by road through Indian Border. It has extensive road connectivity with various Indian states including West Bengal, Bihar, and Uttar Pradesh. You can hire a cab or drive in by a car to reach here. The state also offers various bus services to enter Nepal at Biratnagar.
By Rail – Nepal has rail connectivity with India from past 13 years. One can board a train from Jayanagar in Bihar and de- boarded at the Janakpur Dham in Nepal. The railway line on this route is of narrow gauge.
Visa requirement – Indian citizens do not require visas to enter in Nepal. However, visitors from the other part of the globe do require a visa which can be obtained by few official formalities.
Where to stay in Nepal – Nepal offers world-class logging and boarding services at affordable prices. You can choose from five-star hotels like Dwarika, Hotel Tibet International, Athiti Resort and Spa, Hyatt Regency Kathmandu and much more. All the hotels and Resort will give you heartwarming welcome and high- quality service.
When To visit – Though the pleasant weather of Nepal is suitable to visit throughout the year, still the time between October and December is the ideal one as the skies are generally clear and views are breathtaking and incredible.
Things to keep in mind while traveling to Nepal – While you are excited about your holiday in Nepal, there are few basic things which you should keep in mind.
Here is the list:
• Do not trek alone.
• Exchange your currency to Nepal’s currency.
• Don’t befriend strangers.
• Nepal is not a night country. Most of the shops get close by 10 pm.
• Avoid raw vegetables and cut fruits. Always buy purified water.
Places to visits – Nepal has a lot to offer for its visitors. Here is our list of places to visit while you travel Nepal.
1) Kathmandu
The capital of Nepal, Kathmandu is the very heart of the country. Its ancient architecture, lively and crowded street, tasty food, steaming momos are definitely going to hold you here till eternity. Durbar Square, the largest of the palace squares in the three royal cities and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. One can found numerous temples of various design can be found here.
2) Bhaktapur
This is the third “Royal City” of this splendid land, and one of the oldest trade route to Tibet. Bhaktapur’s architecture, temples and cultural are going to give you Nirvana experience.
Bhaktapur - Nepal
3) The Bodhanath Stupa
This stupa is an emblem of the enlightenment of Lord Buddha. It is one of the largest stupas of its kind in the world. This stupa experienced some minor damage during the devastating earthquake that hit Nepal in 2015.
boudhanath stupa nepal
4) Pokhara
This place is encircled by Dhaulagiri, Manaslu, and Annapurna mountains which are some of the mountains of the highest peak in the world. For the trekking lover, it is the doorway to the Himalayas, and if just wants to sit back and relax then Pokhara’s scenic view, greenery and lovely weather is going to calm down your inner self.
5) Annapurna Region
Annapurna Region is the trekking hub of Nepal. It offers well-planned trekking packages which can be customized as per your need and desire. You can trek in this splendid region for one day or one week. It has all the basic amenities with n the reach for the comfort of the visitors and trekkers.
6) Chitwan National Park
If you want to explore the entirely different, yet pleasing side of Nepal then do visit to Chitwan National Park. It will give an insight of wildlife. You can enjoy a safari-ride in this national park. Chitwan National Park has secured a place in the list of UNESCO world cultural heritage sites owing to its spectacular views.
Chitwan National Park
So plan your next holiday to this land of fun, adventure, religion and peace, and it will be out of the world experience for you. We can bet on this.
Happy Holidays!!!

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