It is an old college myth that says, if you plan a Goa trip with your friends, and never make it; your friendship will last forever (pun intended). Nevertheless, Goa is a place that is fancied by everyone, at least for once. And why should not it be fancied? Goa is one of the popular beach destinations in India that has been recognized in the world tourism map. And apart from beaches, Goa always has many crazy events going on, especially in the month of Christmas. So, if you are little confused about the whole December craze, let us enlighten you that you are just a doubting Thomas! Have a look.
1. Visit Old Goa
Christmas Goa is an absolute delight for every traveller. In December, Old Goa is a must visit place to embrace the dazzling spirit of the 400 churches, bakeries and do not forget roasted turkeys! During the whole month, Old Goa never sleeps, and you will find yourself in the middle of fairy tale where every corner of the street is decorated with lights, stars, ribbons and what not.
Old Goa enroute
Old Goa Church
2. Sunburn Festival
How can someone ever miss Sunburn of Goa in December? Generally, the Sunburn Festival takes place during the last week of December in Goa, and it is a perfect DJ festival to welcome New Year. With many reputed national and international DJs, Sunburn has been the crux of December Goa craze since its inception. And if you want to groove along, never forget to book the passes beforehand.
Sunburn Festival
Sunburn festival stage
3. Arpora– Midnight market! 
It does not matter whether you are a shopaholic or not; you should not risk missing the midnight market of Goa in December. This market exists in Goa from November to April, but December is the perfect time to shop your heart out. The market opens at 6 pm and runs till 6 am; the clock of this market ticks in opposite direction. Apart from the shopping spree, you can also feel the hippie ambience, live street bands and DJs, jugglers, etc.
Arpora -Midnight Market
4. Water sports at Dona Paola Bay and Cidade De Goa
Winter in Goa is the perfect time to have some adventures– and by adventures, I meant Water Sports. Dona Paola Bay is mostly popular for all the water sports– from Dinghy sailing, scuba diving to windsurfing and parasailing– you can enjoy all the freedom of fear and happiness here. Also, in Cidade De Goa you can have the experience of Water sports– water skiing, water biking, canoeing, banana boat riding and what not.
Water sports at Dona Paola Bay and Cidade De Goa
5. Clubs, Bars, Shacks, Casinos– party animal heaven! 
And one of the popular attractions of Goa is the party ambience, especially in December. From Baga beach to Calangute beach, every beach in Goa suits up in clubs, shacks and bars during the month of December. You can catch up with New Year special parties too. And if not, Casinos may accompany you in earning (or losing) a few bucks. Also, the new silent noise party is the special attraction of this year.
Clubs, Bars, Shacks, Casinos
6. Go wild: visit Chorao Island
The Chorao Island is situated in the Mondovi River. This island is popular for the Salim Ali bird sanctuary and December is the suitable time to visit this sanctuary. You can spot some rare migratory birds in this sanctuary. A perfect place for nature lovers and also for those people who are tired of being a party hopper!
Chorao Island
7. Exquisite seafood
And a visit to Goa in December will absolutely be incomplete without tasting the fantastic seafood. From Pomfret, Tuna, Kingfish to Shark, Squids, Crabs– you can enjoy all these delicacies on a beach shack. Also, you can visit Boom Shankar, Viva Goa, Simply Fish, etc. restaurants for enjoying your seafood.
Exquisite seafood of Goa
It is quite normal that such amazing attractions will fetch the highest numbers of tourists in Goa during the month of December. But the experience of Goa in December is absolutely mesmerizing and it is worth tolerating a little bit of crowd too. Happy Travelling!
                                        “Go Goa”

Old Church in Goa

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